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    Empire State BuildingWhen you grow up with the lights of the Empire State Building shining through your bedroom window or spend Sunday afternoon at the window in your grandmother's living room counting the different colored cars crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, New York is a place you can't get out of your blood. Your pulse beats to the pace of the city and the excitement of living here never grows old.

    That's who we are... native New Yorkers.

    New York is our home town and we wouldn't live anywhere else. The world is a wonderful to place to visit, but at the end of every trip, we can't wait to get back home.

    Where else can a short walk take you from Macys to the Met? Seeing the latest exhibits on Museum Mile is an activity for any afternoon. The restaurants are world class and the pizza is out of this world!

    Picnics can be a deli sandwich in a park by the East River or a basket of gourmet delicacies at the medieval Cloisters overlooking the Hudson River.

    New York StreetsThe bright idea behind this site is to share our love and knowledge of New York with you.

    If you were born here, if you're planning on moving here or just visiting for a while, you'll discover plenty to see and do that you won't find in the guide books.

    This is a site by New Yorkers... for New Yorkers and for anyone who wants to learn more about the city.

    No matter how long you'll stay, we want you to love this place as much as we do.


    Welcome to New York!



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