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    New York Street Fairs & Festivals
    Photo Gallery

    New York City street fairWhen the warm spring weather begins in April, New Yorkers take to the streets.

    Pocket parks show off their flowers, shorts become the "in-thing" to wear and the street fair season arrives.

    If you've never been to a New York Street Fair, you are in for a treat.

    Just try to imagine a State Fair, without the livestock, arranged within a few city blocks and you'll begin to see just why these fairs and street festivals are so popular with New Yorkers and visitors to the city.

    Forget your diet and start with the food

    You'll be walking enough to burn off a few of the calories in the delicious zeppoles or the sausage and pepper heros.

    Zeppoles and Funnel cakes at a street fair in New YorkStop by a crepe stand for the closest thing to Paris that you'll find on this side of the Atlantic.

    Chinese, West Indian and Indian food can be found at most of the fairs - along with gyros, lots of other ethnic foods and a good sampling of traditional American treats.

    One of the most famous street fairs, The Ninth Avenue Food Fair, provides samples of gourmet restaurant offerings from some of the top chefs in the area.

    Shop while you eat

    There are some bargains to be had - especially if you're looking for socks or cosmetics. Rugs, plants, Victoria's Secret undergarments, hand street fair art printscrafted jewelry... the list goes on and on.

    While some of the items are priced for tourists, you may find a keepsake that is worth spending a bit extra for.

    Most of the vendors are willing to haggle a little, especially at the end of the day. Know your prices and don't assume that because it's being sold at a street fair you are getting a bargain.

    Music of the Streets

    As you walk through the streets, you'll be entertained by local radio stations booming out their sounds.
    The live performances draw crowds of appreciative listeners.

    The vendors selling tapes and records fill the air with samples of their wares as you walk by.

    The demonstration infomercials by vendors of kitchen slicers and cleaners, combine with the music and the hum of the crowd to create a city symphony you won't find in any concert hall.

    Fun for Everyone

    Some of the larger fairs have rides for the kids but even the smaller festivals will have a vendor selling soft drinks, ice cream or other treats that will keep the little ones happy.

    Check the schedule and plan a visit to at least one of these city feasts before the cooler weather in November ends the fun.

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