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    BroadwayNew York Theater falls into general categories: Broadway; off Broadway, which includes the regional theaters in New York; off off Broadway; local groups; dinner theater and movies. While there is some crossover between the groups and the lines can be blurry, these terms will let you know what kind of production you'll see when you're buying tickets.

    The shows on Broadway are the big budget extravaganzas that are the top of the New York theater experience...and carry the biggest ticket prices.

    Off Broadway shows are professional, but not conceived for big theater staging - or perhaps not working with a big enough budget.

    Off Off Broadway combines professional shows breaking into the public's attention with avant garde or experimental theater that will never attract a huge general audience, but can be an amazing experience for those who do catch them...

    Then you have the local groups that present works at college spaces and other smaller venues around town and a few dinner theaters scattered in the outer boroughs and suburbs. Movies are shown all around town, but there isn't much difference between movie houses in New York and anywhere else. The fun of movies in New York is finding out if any are shooting while you're around - you may even get to be an extra in a movie ot TV show that's being filmed in NYC!

    If you are looking for some good entertainment any of these can fit the bill, but for that once in a lifetime experience or as a memorable tourist experience - you really do need to see a Broadway hit while you're in town...


    Off Broadway
    Off Off Broadway

    Talkin' Broadway
    Nice set up gives reviews, which shows are playing where and showtimes and lots of good info on everything Broadway related.

    Check the group rate info and value added section on this site. Group rates for some shows start at 10 tickets and can cut the price for good seats in half...

    Broadway Listings

    Short reviews include whether the plays are suitable for kids.

    The Public Theater
    Introduces Shakespeare to New York school kids and has been the first stop of many well known productions that later moved to Broadway.

    Off Broadway Online
    Plays listed by category, title, company, neighborhood, author, subject and whether or not you can use a TDF Voucher.

    Off Broadway
    Musicals, plays, comedies and more with information on discounts, critics reviews and what's available at tkts.

    Comprehensive listings of reviews for off-off-Broadway theater all around the town.

    Covering the gamut of alternative arts of all kinds in New York City -- independent film, off-off-Broadway theater, local music, non-commercial radio, and whatever else they can think of...

    Dinner Theater

    The Killing Kompany - Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Shows
    Audience participation is the draw of this Manhattan dinner theater. If you've always wanted to star in a who done it... you just may get a chance.

    Murdered by the Mob - Arno Ristorante Dinner Theater
    FIne Italian food and a mob hit from Murder Mystery Inc. Prizes for some guests if you solve the mystery and a lot of good food and good fun even if you don't have a clue...

    Theater Clubs & Discount Tickets

    Playbill - You know the yellow playbill you get at every show? The same people provide a club that offers deep discounts to shows. Joining is free and they'll send emails with info on current plays only if you ask for them.

    NY Theater.com - virtual coupons - Discounts on tickets to Broadway & Off B'dwy shows - just print out the coupons and take them to the box office or use the codes when ordering online.

    The Frugal TheaterGoer’s Guide to Discount Tickets - Info on clubs, student discounts and more on this very helpful site.

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