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    New York Almanac -> June

    New York City in JUNE

    I love New York in June. How about you?

    -- song lyrics from the 1941 film "Babes on Broadway"
    starring Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.

    This Month: ....Average monthly temperature in June : 72° ...pack up for New York City Beaches opening this month, or go green at the city's urban oases as Metropolitan Opera in the Parks kicks off a whole new summer program .with more free performances at Shakespeare in the Park and at other NYC summer events....

    ...what else? Jazz it up at the a month-long JVC Jazz Festival or head for the local OTB betting parlor to place your bets on Belmont in the last leg of this year's Triple Crown Stakes ....

    ...love a parade? Don't miss the fun & spectacle at the Puerto Rican Day Parade followed by the Gay Pride March down Fifth Avenue...

    Andy Warhol - "Gun"
    June 3

    June 1

    ....the Bloomingdale Insane Asylum, located at 116th Street and Broadway, opens its doors on this day in 1821, and later becomes the site of Columbia University ...

    June 2

    ...P.T. Barnum's phenomenally popular Baby Show opens at the American Museum this day in 1855 exhibiting the oddest looking babies in town. "The fattest and finest youngster in all the world", twins, triplets and "other curiosities" vie for the top $100 prize ...

    June 3

    Valerie Solanas, a troubled writer who had appeared in Warhol's film "I, A Man:, walks into artist's studio and shoots Andy Warhol in the chest this day in 1968. But the pop artist survives and from his hospital bed muses, “I was in the wrong place at the right time....”

    June 4

    ...a strong and unseasonable hurricane hits the city this day in 1825 with "trees prostrated" and ships wrecks reported off the coast ...

    June 5

    ...Cats, based on T.S. Eliot's "Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats," wins the Tony award for best musical this night in 1983 and goes on to run for a record 7,485 performances ...

    June 6

    ...Three 50 pound snapping turtles are found in a Bronx, New York sewage treatment plant today in 1988 as municipal workers surmise the house pets must have been flushed down the toilet years ago ...

    June 7

    ... with her passing today in 1967 in New York at age 73, drama critic and sharp-tongued Algonquin Round Table wit Dorothy Parker is mourned by the literary world. Responsible for "Men seldom make passes / at girls who wear glasses", other famous quips include, "If all the girls who attended the Yale prom were laid end to end, I wouldn't be a bit surprised..."

    June 8

    ...America has it's first commercially-produced ice cream this day In 1786 when a Mr. Hall of Chatham Street in New York City places an ad in a local paper to tell customers that he was now in the business of selling ice cream to the public ....

    safety pin patent
    June 11

    June 9

    ... following victories at the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness,"miracle horse" Secretariat wins the Belmont Stakes by a record 31 lengths, taking the Triple Crown this day in 1973...

    June 10

    ...parachutist Michael Sergio, who jumped into Shea Stadium wearing a "Go Mets!" sign during the World Series last fall, is released this day in 1987 three weeks after he began a six-month term for civil contempt of court...

    June 11

    ... this day in 1951 the MTA Lost Property Unit (212-712-4500) begins auctioning off items returned to them by well-meaning straphangers. Since then, 10,000 items per year is the average annual haul and typically includes an assortment of bikes, violins, dentures, prosthetic legs, crutches, bibles, and mystery keys...

    June 12

    ...magician Harry Houdini frees himself from a straight jacket while suspended upside down, 40 feet above a crowd of gawking New Yorkers, this day in 1923....

    June 13
    ...Mrs. Alexander Hamilton apparently takes up Mr. Hall on his offer (see June 8) when she entertains George Washington at her New York home and makes ice cream the highlight of the dinner party dessert menu this night in 1789...

    June 14

    ...gearing up for war but overun with British Loyalists, New York is ordered this day in 1776 to "detect and restrain all internal enemies" by the Continental Congress which, weeks later, publishes the Declaration of Independence ...

    General Slocum wreckage, 1904
    June 15

    "General Slocum" wreckage, 1904.


    June 15

    ...it's a perfect day for a summer's outing in 1904 when the steamboat General Slocum catches fire and sinks. On shore, spectactors watch as more than 1,000 people (mostly women and children) are left to drown in the East River.

    In the grisly aftermath, bodies wash up along the riverbanks as families try to identify loved ones in makeshift morgues.

    Until 9/11, "New York's Awful Steamboat Horror" remains the worst recorded disaster in city history...

    June 16

    ...a police riot breaks out this day in 1857 when a state-appointed police force tries to clean up the city's corrupt department. The tension between the two rival police forces results in a full-scale melee near City Hall, leaving 52 policemen injured before a militia is called in to stop the fistacuffs. Crooked and crafty Mayor Fernando Wood is promptly arrested, but is released on bail to serve out his term...

    June 17

    ...Rocky Marciano successfully defends his heavyweight boxing title by defeating former champion Ezzard Charles at Yankee Stadium this night in 1954 ..

    June 18

    ...New York has its first highway along the East River when the FDR Drive is dedicated this day in 1940. Much of the FDR is built on landfill, with the section near Bellevue Hospital (between East 23rd Street and East 30th Street) filled with rubble from bombed British cities carried as ballast in wartime ships ...

    June 19

    ...American baseball is born this day in 1846 at the Elysian Fields in Hoboken as the New York Nine annihilate the New York Knickerbockers 23-1 in four innings ...

    Elysian Fields baseball
    June 19


    June 20

    Funny girl Fanny Brice makes her big debut at the Ziegfield Follies this night in 1910 performing her big hit Lovie Joe, and goes on to appear in 88 performances ...

    June 21

    ...The Rolling Stones, raucus rock band and groupie magnets, file a lawsuit against 14 hotels over a booking ban in New York this day in 1968, claiming that hotel refusals were violating their civil rights ...

    June 22

    ...more than 70,000 New Yorkers pack Yankee Stadium, and millions more tune in to the radio this humid night in 1938 for the much-anticipated rematch between Joe Louis and Max Schmelling which lasts all of 124 seconds when Schmelling, suffering a major beating, throws in the towel ...

    June 23

    ...following 23 days of beating sun, rain and mud, the first American transcontinental auto race from New York to Seattle ends this day with with $3,500 in prize money going to Bert Scott and James Smith in a 1909 Shawmut ...

    June 24

    ...in one of the worst airliine disasters in the city's history, 113 passengers out of the 124 aboard lose their lives when extreme wind shear forces Eastern Airlines Flight 66, a Boeing 727, to crash land and explode at JFK airport this day in 1975 ...

    June 25

    ...the climax to a lethal love triangle is about to unfold as Henry Thaw, cuckolded husband of actess Evelyn Nesbit, shoots famed New York architect and notorious womanizer, Stanford White, on the roof theater of Madison Square Garden this evening in 1906. Two murder trials follow ...

    June 26

    ...to promote the sale of war bonds, baseball history is made this day in a three-way exhibition game between the New York Dodgers, the New York Yankees AND the New York Giants this day in 1944. The final score was Dodgers 5, Yankees 1, and the Giants 0. The game raises more than $50 million for the war effort...

    June 27

    ...scientists at Bell Laboratories in New York show the first public demonstration of color TV this day in 1929 ....

    Central Park
    June 25

    Femme fatale, Evelyn Nesbit.


    June 28

    ... America has its first case of mutiny when Continental Army soldier Thomas Hickey is found guilty on charges that he was part of a conspiracy of soldiers preparing to defect to the British in the coming Revolutionary War. As a result, George Washington signs the order for his execution and Hickey is hanged this day in 1776 before a crowd of 20,000 New Yorkers ...

    June 29

    ...according to Olde New York lore, the statue of St. Paul climbs down from historic St. Paul's Chapel in lower Manhattan to walk among New Yorkers this day, marking the Christian feast of St. Peter and St. Paul...

    June 30

    ...featuring the first passenger elevator in New York City, the 350-foot-high, wood and iron Latting Observatory on 43rd Street burns to the ground this day in 1856 ...

    --> July


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