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    New York Almanac -> October

    New York City in October

    Halloween paraders in Greenwich Village
    Greenwich Village Halloween Parade

    This Month: ....Average monthly temperature in October : 59° ... check out the Columbus Day Parade marching up Fifth Avenue this month, a hearty mix of nation and Italian-American pride since 1792, when New Yorkers celebrated the 300th anniversary of his landing in the New World. ...

    ...and don't miss one of the nation's most spooktacular scarefests at the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade kicking off on Spring Street at Sixth Avenue to 23rd Street ...

    October 1

    ...New Yorker Harry Allen introduces America to taxi meters this day in 1907.

    The innovation is inspired when Allen is charged an arbitrary (and very exorbitant) $5 by the driver of a horse-drawn hansom cab for a trip from 44th Street to 58th Street.

    Charging customers a flat rate by the mile, his first shiny red fleet is later painted bright yellow when Allen discovers the color is more easily seen at a distance ...

    Mae West
    October 4

    October 2

    ...New York Yankee Roger Maris hits his 61st home run in the last game of the season this day in 1961, breaking Babe Ruth's 154 game record set in 1927...

    October 3

    ... with no acknowledgment of either balloons or Macy's, it is proclaimed throughout the land that the people of the United States observe "a day of public thanksgiving and prayer" on Thursday, the 26th of November "...given under my hand, at the city of New York, the 3d day of October A.D. 1789. Signed - G. Washington" ...

    October 4

    ...described by one reviewer as a "tasty tomado", Mae West shakes up the Shubert Theatre with the opening of "Sometime" this night in 1918 in which she sings and dances naughty renditions of "Everybody Shimmies Now" and "What Do You Have to Do to Get It..."

    October 5

    ... this morning sees the celebration of the first service at the new gothic-spired Riverside Church in 1930. On the neighborhood cusp of Morningside and Harlem, Riverside is 100 feet wide and covers two city blocks....

    October 6

    .. Al Jolsen stars in The Jazz Singer, the first full-length musical talkie which opens this day in 1927 at the Warner Theatre. It's a major hit ...

    October 7

    ... West 106th Street, (where he owned a mansion) is renamed Duke Ellington Boulevard this day in 1977 for the jazz legend responsible for "Mood Indigo" and "I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues"....

    America's first glimpse at a rhino
    October 13

    October 8

    ...New York Yankee pitcher Don Larsen pitches the only perfect game in World Series history in Game 5 against the Brooklyn Dodgers this day in 1956....

    October 9

    ...a record 11.17 inches of rain fall on New York City this day in 1903...

    October 10

    ... the cornerstone dedication for Museum of Jewish Heritage at the Battery is finally underway this day in 1996 after almost a decade of on-again, off-again planning. The building's striking hexagonal shape is meant to symbolize the six-pointed Star of David, as well as the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust ...

    October 11

    ... a self-described "ugly duckling" as a child, but later to become the most revered women of her generation, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt is born on 56 West 37th Street this day in 1884....

    October 12

    ... the sad details of the life and untimely demise of colonial governor Danvers Osborn are being lapped up by New Yorkers this day in 1753 when it is learned that he has hung himself "upon the garden fence" of a friend's residence after months of despondency over his wife's death...

    October 13

    ...A local advertisement screams..."its body and limbs are covered with a skin so hard and impervious that he fears neither the claws of the tiger nor the proboscis of the elephant." New Yorkers are the first to see a live rhino when the beast makes its U.S. debut at an exhibit at Peale's Museum on Broadway this day in 1826...

    October 14

    ...beginning her working career as a secretary in Astoria, Queens, an untrained hopeful by the name of Ethel Merman blows the lid off Broadway singing “I Got Rhythm” in the Gershwin hit "Girl Crazy" this night in 1930....

    Matisse's Le Bateau
    October 18


    October 15

    ... having never finished higher than 9th place in any of their first seven seasons, "The Miracle Mets" win the World Series this day in 1969. ...

    October 16

    ...Jewish gangster Little Augie is gunned down on the Lower East Side today in 1927 by a rival gang hoping to take over his rackets. Bodyguard Legs Diamond is also shot in the attack, but survives...

    October 17

    ...The greatest single loss of firefighters before September 11, 2001 occurs this day in 1966 when twelve firemen are lost in a fire on 23rd Street...

    October 18

    ... a Henri Matisse painting "Le Bateau" is exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art this day in 1961. Seen by an estimated 100,000 visitors, it takes 47 days before anyone notices - that the painting is hanging upside down...

    October 19

    ....young unknown actor Marlon Brando makes his Broadway debut in "I Remember Mama" at the Music Box Theatre this night in 1944...

    Marlon Brando in I Remember Mama
    October 19

    October 20

    ...in a fit of patriotic fervor, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia renames Sixth Avenue as "Avenue of the Americas" this day in 1945. (For years, the name refuses to stick and even today many New Yorkers still refer to it as Sixth...)

    October 21

    ..described by many New Yorkers as a giant cupcake, Guggenheim Museum designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright opens this day in 1959 ....

    October 22

    ...the first Xerox copy is dated "10-22-38 Astoria" this day in 1938...

    October 23

    ...during a trip to the urinal, New York gangster Dutch Schultz is gunned down at the Palace Chophouse in Newark, N.J. this night in 1935. He later staggers out to the main dining room because he does not want to be remembered for dying in a men's washroom. He gets his wish — and expires the next day at Newark City Hospital ...

    October 24

    ... with the longest span in the world at 3,500 feet, the George Washington Bridge connects Fort Lee, New Jersey with Upper Manhattan when it is dedicated this day in 1931 ...

    October 25

    ...the Averill Chemical Paint Company of New York City is awarded this day in 1870 the first U.S. trademark, depicting an eagle holding a pot of paint in its beak...

    October 26

    ... in the first "Subway Series" since 1956, the New York Yankees defeat the New York Mets 4 games to 1 this day in 2000....

    October 27

    ...the sign "R.H. Macy & Company" proclaims the opening fo the original Macy's department store on 14th Street and Sixth Avenue today in 1858...

    Statue of Liberty

    October 28

    October 28

    ... the 152-foot high gift from France to the U.S., shipped across the Atlantic in 214 crates broken into 350 individual separate pieces, is dedicated this day in 1886 as the Statue of Liberty is formally accepted by President Grover Cleveland on behalf of the American people...

    October 29

    ...many people miss or ignore the opening credits of War of the Worlds when it airs live tonight from New York City, and sends thousands into a panic believing that aliens have actually invaded Manhattan...

    October 30

    ...Ford to City: Drop Dead "Vows He'll Veto Any Bailout" this day in 1975...

    October 31

    ...magician and New Yorker Harry Houdini dies in Detroit from appendicitis this Halloween day in 1926 when his body is shipped to New York. There, a crowd of more than 2,000 New Yorkers line the streets to pay their respects ...

    --> November

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