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    New York Almanac -> September

    New York City in September

    West Indian Day Parade on Eastern Parkway
    The Brooklyn Labor Day Carnival

    This Month: ....Average monthly temperature in September : 69° ... head downtown to the Feast of San Gennaro on Mulberry Street for a 10-day festa of zeppoles, sausage & peppers, music, carnival rides, religious processions and street parades...

    ...then to Brooklyn at the West Indian-American Day Parade for a combination food festival and carnival along with one of the "jumpin' -est parades this side of the Caribbean, featuring wild and colorful costumes, music and dance throughout Labor Day weekend...

    ...plus, don't miss the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center for a two-week long extravaganza offering first-run features and indy films ...

    Flatiron Buildiing
    September 5

    September 1

    ....dapper and witty Mayor Jimmy Walker - who presides over the city as one of New York's most popular mayors throughout most of the Roaring 20's - cannot account for certain personal expenditures (including a $1 million deposit to his bank account) and is forced to resign this day in 1932...

    September 2

    ...the complete orchestral score for Porgy and Bess, later praised as the first and finest American opera, is completed this day in New York in 1935 by its composer, George Gershwin ...

    September 3

    ... English explorer Henry Hudson sails into New York Harbor and up the river later named for him this foggy morning in 1609 ...

    September 4

    ...inventor Thomas Edison hits the switch on his new power plant on Pearl Street, illuminating downtown with a total of 800 light bulbs in one square mile area today in 1882. By the following year, Pearl Street Station has 508 subscribers and lights 12,732 bulbs...

    September 5

    ... so named for its resemblance to a clothes iron, the Flatiron Building is the city's tallest when it is completed this day in 1902. The building soon attracts a crowd of men who gather to get glimpses of women's dresses being blown up by the winds created by its triangular shape at 23rd Street and Madison. "23 skidoo!" (scram) is an expression later made popular when city police attempt to chase gawkers from the area ...

    September 6

    ...Hurricane Isabel forms out in the Atlantic this day in 2003, later sweeping up the Eastern coast to cause damages totaling $90 million in New York and leaving over a million New Yorkers without power ...

    September 7

    ... the world's first attempted submarine attack occurs this day in New York Harbor in 1776 as the new American invention dubbed "The Turtle" confronts the British flagship HMS Eagle ...

    9/11 photos
    September 11

    September 8

    ... Governor Peter Stuyvesant surrenders New Amsterdam to the British this day in 1664 without a shot being fired. The town will soon be renamed New York ..

    September 9

    ... a New York City teacher's strike keeps over one million students out of school this day in 1968. The strike lasts until mid-November when students stage a protest over canceled vacations and lengthened school days to make up for lost time...

    September 10

    ...21-year-old Nathan Hale is the nation's first spy when he volunteers to sneak behind enemy lines and report on British troop movements in New York (also see September 22...)

    September 11

    ...hijacked by Arab extremists, two American Airline jetliners crash into the 110-story Twin Towers at the World Trade Center, resulting in their collapse and the deaths of almost 3,000 this day in 2001...

    September 12

    ... the first Rosh Hashanah observance in America occurs in New Amsterdam by some 27 Jewish refugees (who recently arrived fleeing persecution in Brazil) this day in 1654...

    September 13

    ...called "the longest living thing in New York City" (having been planted by Dutch governor Peter Stuyvesant on his farm in 1647), the Stuyvesant Pear Tree on 13th Street and Third Avenue is felled when it is struck by a wagon this day in 1867...

    September 14

    ...35,000 freshmen pour into the City University of New York, up from about 20,000 a year earlier, as open admissions begins this day in 1970...

    Stuyvesant pear tree
    September 13

    September 15

    ... the first heroine of the Revolutionary War Mrs. Robert Murray entertains General Howe (whom she had dated back in England) at her Murray Hill estate on 36th Street, allowing American forces time to retreat this day in 1776 ...

    September 16

    ...the new Metropolitan Opera House opens tonight at Lincoln Center in 1966 with the world premier of Samuel Barber’s Antony and Cleopatra starring Leontyne Price and Justino Díaz ...

    September 17

    ... kicking off one of the most bizarre and sensational murders in city history, John C. Colt (brother of Samuel Colt, the handgun inventor) argues with local printer Samuel Adams and in a fit of temper brains him with a hatchet this day in 1842. Adam's decomposing body is later found in a trunk on a steamship bound for New Orleans, but Colt stands trial and is sentenced to the gallows for the grisly slaying. Languishing in the Tombs prison, Colt is found with a self-inflicted stab wound through the heart just hours after marrying his sweetheart, Caroline Crenshaw, in a ceremony granted as a last request ...

    September 18

    ...the toast of London, Fanny Kemble arrives in New York this day in 1832 and almost immediately begins kvetching about rude New Yorkers, the hotel service, and all those mosquitos...

    September 19

    ....newly-arrived immigrants from Naples first celebrate the Feast of San Gennaro on Mulberry Street in Little Italy this day in 1926. The one-day celebration later grows into a week-long festa of religious processions, parades, clams on the half shell, and fried zeppoles ...

    Great Fire of 1776, New York City
    September 22

    September 20

    ...the New York Stock Exchange was forced to close for the first time in its history as a result of a banking crisis during the financial panic of 1873...

    September 21

    ...the Great Fire of 1776 erupts this day at the Fighting Cocks Tavern at Whitehall Street as strong winds spread the flames to about 400 buildings, demolishing about one-quarter of the city....

    September 22

    ...days after after he volunteers for the dangerous post, Nathan Hale is revealed as a spy for the American forces and utters, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" before he is hanged by the British in Manhattan this day in 1776 ...

    September 23

    ...During a world summit, demonstrations occur daily outside the United Nations building where Soviet premier Nikita Krushchev bangs his shoe on his delegation's desk this week in 1960. Meanwhile, Cuban leader Fidel Castro is thrown out of his hotel for allegedly plucking and cooking chickens in his midtown suite...

    September 24

    ...Babe Ruth bids farewell to the New York Yankees this day in 1934 in his final game at Yankee Stadium. The Yanks lose to Boston 5-0...

    September 25

    ...Evita, starring Patti LuPone, opens at the Broadway Theater tonight in 1979 and goes to play for 1568 performances...

    September 26

    ...West Side Story opens on Broadway this night in 1957 at the Winter Garden Theatre with the New York Times finding "the material...horrifying, but the workmanship admirable..."

    September 27

    ...thousands of horses are dead or lay dying throughout New York during the Great Epizootic this day in 1872 when the "horse flu" leaves the city without horse-drawn cable cars, fire engines, ambulances or any other means of transportation, as Belmont Park and other racetracks closed their gates ...

    West Side Story
    September 26

    September 28

    ...a policeman exclaims "You can't do that on Fifth Avenue!" as a woman is arrested for smoking while riding in an open automobile this day in 1904. Although smoking is not strictly illegal, woman indulging in the habit in public is still a "dreadful" social taboo ...

    September 29

    ...Macy's department store major competitor, Gimbels, closes its doors at 33rd Street and Broadway this day in 1986 ...

    September 30

    ...in the most-watched prize fight in history, 70 million TV viewers watch as Muhammad Ali beats Ernie Shavers at Madison Square Garden to claim the heavyweight championship boxing crown this night in 1977 ...

    --> October

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