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    Macy'sIn New York, there are two types of shoppers ... well three really.

    They include shoppers with money to burn ("Hey! we're on vacation!") along with the more frugal among us (who never pay top dollar just on principle) as well as the pinch-penny shopper who finds the thrill of the hunt more exciting than the actual purchase!

    Spend a day or two shopping in New York and you can cover all the bases at once.

    Find out how — with our guide covering everything from major department stores and trendy designer boutiques ... to neighborhood mom-and-pop shops, discount and 99-cent stores — with information on what's on sale, how to get there and directions by car, subway or bus:

    Group 1: Unlimited budget...

    Welcome to New York! Stroll down 5th Avenue and shop to your heart's content. Stop at all of the designer stores, amazing jewelry stores and if you feel like braving a high-end department store it's well worth the trip to Bloomies, Lord and Taylors, Bergdorf Goodman or Saks. Are you interested yet? Go shop ...

  • Henri Bendel
  • Tiffanys
  • Lord & Taylor
  • Brooks Brothers
  • Group 2: Limited budget...

    New York is the perfect shopping city for shoppers looking for bargains. Ask shoppers from all over the world and you'll hear that it's hard to find anywhere that can beat a New York Bargain. Whether you are looking for gold, furs, food or souvenirs - you can find it for less somewhere in the city. These links will make the budget shopper happy...

  • Sym's
  • Old Navy
  • Century 21
  • Group 3: What's retail?

    Join the legion of secret shopper's of New York. They're the ones who know where every designer's showroom is and where the overstocked shoes are sold, along with which areas have imported perfumes, designer originals & knockoffs and other stuff at unbelieveable prices. If you've never paid retail for anything in your life, or you want to know where the 99 cent stores are... New York shopping is going to amaze you....

  • Salvation Army
  • Gabays Outlet
  • Filene's Basement

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