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    Bringing The Farm To The City

    Union Square farmer's market, ManhattanGreenmarkets and farmer's markets... New York City's adaptation of the medieval markets where farmers hauled their wares to town to get the best prices.

    For the native who is tired of supermarket produce that barely resembles the real thing, these outdoor fruit and vegetable feasts bring taste and color back to the table.

    For the visitor to New York, open air markets are a great way to get to see real New Yorkers in action.


    Manhattan | Bronx | Queens | Brooklyn | Staten Island

    New York Street Life

    The markets are more than just a place to shop. Most come complete with street performers and political activists with petitions to sign. Some have become such an institution that neighbors meet and greet each other while discussing which places have the best prices and which the best products. Others are relatively new.

    If you think that only green growing things can be found at these gatherings, think again. Besides farmers selling traditionally grown produce, there are many who grow organic fruits and vegetables, others who specialize in flowers, sheep farmers selling hand made wool and shearling items, vintners selling their wares, dairy farmers with fresh cheeses, freshly baked breads and deserts, jams, poultry... the list goes on and on.

    To Market, To Market ...

    Farmers come to these markets from the Amish country and other areas of Pennsylvania. They truck in their goods from all over New York, New Jersey and several other nearby states. One beekeeper who lives in New York sells his city produced honey. One registered farmer comes all the way from Canada.

    The greenmarkets are a boon to area farmers. In typical New York fashion I first learned this from a cab driver. She came from a farming family and spent the cab ride explaining how the greenmarket system saved agricultural communities in the New York area from dying out.

    The small farmer is caught in an economic bind. Large farms, many run by corporations, get better prices when they buy supplies and equipment. When it comes to selling what they have grown, small farmers often find themselves getting paid less for their crops. While consumers are paying high prices in supermarkets, farmers are not getting their fair share of the profits. There are too many people in the middle earning profits.

    The small family farms in the area would not be able to survive without the greenmarkets that let them sell directly to us. They benefit by earning decent profits on their work and we benefit by getting fresh food and home baked pies. Sounds like a solution good enough to eat.

    Greenmarkets & Farmer's Markets in New York


    Staten Island Ferry Whitehall
    4 SouthStreet, Inside Terminal
    Tues 8-7 Year Round

    Bowling Green
    Broadway & Battery Place
    Tues & Thu 8-5 Year Round

    Cedar Street
    Cedar St. btw Broadway & Church
    Tues & Thu 8-6 August to December

    City Hall Park
    Chambers & Broadway
    Fri 8-5 June to December

    Greenwich St. at Chambers St.
    Wed 8-3 April to December
    Sat 8-3 Year Round

    LES / Grand Street
    Norfolk & Grand
    Sun 8-4 June to November

    South Village
    6 Ave & W Houston
    Sun 8-4 July to November

    Tompkins Square
    E 7 & Ave A
    Sun 8-6 Year Round

    Stuyvesant Town
    Stuy-Town Oval, 14th St loop & Ave A
    Sun 9:30-4 June to November

    St. Mark's Church
    E 10 & 2 Ave
    Tues 8-7 May 27th to December

    Abingdon Square
    W 12 St & Hudson
    Sat 8-2 Year Round

    Union Square
    E 17 St & Broadway
    Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 8-6 Year Round

    Murray Hill
    2 Ave & 33 St
    Sat 8-5 mid-July to December

    Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
    E 47 St & 2 Ave
    Wed 8-6 Year Round

    Rockefeller Center
    Rockefeller Plaza at 50 St.
    Wed, Thu, Fri 8-6 July 9th to August 29th

    57th Street W 57 St & 9 Ave
    Sat 8-6 March 15 to December

    Tucker Square
    W 66 St & Columbus
    Thu & Sat 8-5 Year Round

    77th Street
    W 77 St & Columbus
    Sun 10-5 Year Round

    82nd St/St Stephens
    E 82 St btw 1 & York Aves
    Sat 9-3 July to November

    92nd St
    1 Ave btw 92 & 93 Sts
    Sun 9-5 July to Nov

    97th Street
    W 97 St & Columbus
    Fri 8-2 Year Round

    Mt. Sinai Hospital
    E 99 St btw Madison & Park
    Fri 8-5 July to November

    Stranger's Gate
    W 106 St & Central Park West
    Sat 8-3 July to November

    Manhattan (cont'd)

    Columbia Broadway
    btw 114 & 115 Sts
    Thu & Sun 8-6 Year Round

    Harlem Hospital
    Lenox Ave btw 136 & 137 Sts
    Thu 8-5 July to November

    175th Street W 175 St & Broadway
    Thu 8-6 mid-June to November

    Isham btw Seaman & Cooper
    Sat 8-3 Year Round


    Poe Park
    Grand Concourse & 192 St
    Tues 8-3 July to November

    Bronx Borough Hall
    Grand Concourse btw 156th & 158th Streets
    Tues 8-6 July to November

    Lincoln Hospital
    149 St btw Park & Morris
    Tues & Fri 8-3 July to November


    14th St. btw 31 Ave & 31 Rd.
    Wed 8-5 July to November

    Jackson Heights
    34 Ave btw 77 & 78 Sts
    Sun 8-3 June to November
    Long Island City
    48 Ave & Vernon Blvd
    Sat 8-3 July to November

    Skillman btw 42 & 43 Sts
    Sat 8-3 April to December

    Atlas Park
    Cooper Ave & 80 St
    Sat 8-4 mid-July to November


    Greenpoint-McCarren Park
    Lorimer & Driggs
    Sat 8-3 Year Round

    Havemeyer & Broadway
    Thu 8-4 July to November

    Fort Greene Park
    Washington Pk & DeKalb
    Sat 8-5 Year Round

    Brooklyn Borough Hall
    Court & Montague
    Thu 8-6 April to December
    Tues & Sat 8-6 Year Round

    Carroll Gardens
    Carroll btw Smith & Court
    Sun 8-4 June to November

    Grand Army Plaza
    NW Entrance of Propsect Park
    Sat 8-4 Year Round

    Windsor Terrace
    Prospect Park W & 16 St
    Wed 8-3 May to October

    Cortelyou Rd. btw Rugby & Argyle
    Sun 8-4 July to November

    Borough Park
    14 Ave btw 49 & 50 Sts
    Thu 8-3 July to November

    Sunset Park
    4 Ave btw 59 & 60 Sts
    Sat 8-3 July to November

    Staten Island

    St. George
    Borough Hall park lot, St. Mark's & Hyatt
    Sat 8-2 May to November

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