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    Finding the Best Hotels in Midtown

    Midtown ManhattanIt's perhaps the most common question from New York City tourists & visitors coming to stay a week or more:

    "How to do I book a cheap hotel room in a safe, convenient neighborhood?"

    The answer is out there. So - rest assured that with a little help, and a little digging - reasonable rates can be had at well-run, clean & conveniently located hotels all over the city.

    As one example, there's the Clarion on Park Avenue South.

    No, it's not located on fashionable Park Avenue (where the rates are much higher), but the one further downtown. Let's call it commercial Park Avenue, where you'll find the Clarion situated amid 5 cent copy shops and local diners.

    And don't let the neighborhood put you off. Actually, it's one of the safest in New York.

    Mind you, the Clarion at this location caters to business travelers. But far-flung country cousins who have stayed here at one time or another report just as high a level of dedication to family friendly service. Add to that a block's walk to the subway station, a five-minute walk to the Empire State Building, a 10-minute walk to Macy's, and cultural treasures like the Pierpont Morgan Library right in the neighborhood - and you have all the makings of a real New York find right in the heart of the city.

    Right around the corner, Hotel 31, is another tourist class hotel located on a residential block, away from the hubub of Park Avenue South. Located between Lexington & Park Avenue South on 31st Street (thus the name) Hotel 31 is clean, quiet and even less expensive, but offers fewer amenities which you don't have to pay for.

    Further west within another busy neighborhood you'll also find the huge tourist class Hotel Pennsylvania, directly across from Madision Square Garden (for premiere entertainment & sports events), and Penn Station (for quick day trips by train out of the city.) And - for rabid shoppers - know that from the Hotel Pennsylvania you can practically fall out of bed - and land feet first in Macy's.

    Like all of the above cheap, clean hotels can be had for half the price of New York's four-star hotels, but again it takes the intrepid spirit of the bargain hunter to find them.

    On the Net, use your favorite search engine to find "tourist class hotels New York City" or browse the following recommended sites for insider info and insider comments on some of the best hotel discounts to be had all over town:

    Jim's Deli New York City Hotel Guide

    NYCTourist.com - Official Guide to New York City Hotels & Tourism

    NYC & Company

    NYC.com Guide to Budget Hotels in New York City

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