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    The Cloisters Photo Gallery


    Cloisters Garden

    Cloisters Fountain

    Cloisters Fountain



    Stained Glass - The Magi

    Unicorn Tapestry

    Medieval Diptych


    Cloister Columns

    Cloister Romanesque Capitol

    Cloister courtyard

    • What do you do with fine examples of medieval sculpture and ancient French monastic abbeys that threaten to fall into disrepair and ruin?
    • Simple. You disassemble them stone by stone, ship them to New York, and reassemble them high on a hill overlooking Fort Tryon Park in northern Manhattan.

    • It was the efforts of sculptor George Grey Barnard and millionaire John D. Rockefeller Jr. who combined their vast collections in 1938 to create The Cloisters.

    • Today, the Cloisters boasts a world class collection of 12th-15th century medieval architecture, paintings, sculpture, tapesteries, stained glass and illuminated manuscripts.

    • Now under the direction of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Cloisters also offers medieval music concerts, kids programs, and seasonal events.

    Getting to the Cloisters by train: Take the A train to 190th St to transfer to the M4 bus to Fort Tryon Park-The Cloisters.

    Getting to the Cloisters by bus: Take the M4 on Madison Ave to Fort Tryon Park.


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