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    New York Almanac -> August

    New York City in August

    New York Beaches

    This Month: ....Average monthly temperature in August : 75° ... this month, try a cool alternative to the canned Broadway musical at the New York International Fringe Festival offering two dozen venues including live theater, musicals, dance and standup comedy...

    ...and later on in August, the borough of Queens becomes the world capital of tennis with all the action centering around Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadows at the U.S. Tennis Open ...

    Philippe Petit
    August 7

    August 1

    ....this day in 1978, New York City begins its "scoop the poop" campaign against dog owners who allow pets to poop on city streets. New York City Health Code Section 161.03 now enforces a $25 fine for those who ignore the new mandate ...

    August 2

    ...author of Go Tell It On The Mountain and Nobody Knows My Name, writer James Baldwin is born this day in Harlem in 1924 ....

    August 3

    ... about 50 homes going up in smoke at Cruger's Wharf (now Old Slip and Water Street) during the Great Fire of 1778 this day when clueless Continental Army soldiers take over command from local firefighters. George Washington soon issues orders that, "in future, no military man should interfere with any fire that may happen in the city, but leave the extinguishing thereof to the entire direction of the firemen and inhabitants..."

    August 4

    ...after languishing in jail for 10 months, John Peter Zenger finally goes on trial today in 1735 on charges of seditious libel for daring to criticize the royal governor, William Cosby. The newspaper publisher is defended by Philadelphia lawyer Andrew Hamilton, who eloquently acquits his client of all wrongdoing in one of America's first victories in the fight for freedom of the press ...

    August 5

    ... John Barrymore stars in Don Juan today in 1926 in an historic first, as Warner Brothers introduces the first full-length "sound" film at the Warner Theater in Times Square. The Vitaphone soundtrack includes classical music and sound effects ...

    August 6

    ...one of the greatest mysteries in city history begins this day when New York Supreme Court Judge Crater waves good-bye to his friends with whom he dined at Billy Haa's Chophouse, hails a cab on West 45th Street, and is never seen again ...

    August 7

    ... when 24-year-old high wire artist Philippe Petit steps off the south tower of the World Trade Center Twin Towers this morning in 1974, the city comes to a standstill watching the stuntman walk, dance, (and talk with a seagull) on a wire stretched 1/4 mile above Manhattan. The show goes on for 45 minutes until a police helicopter threatens to blow him off. He later explains the stunt with “When I see three oranges, I juggle; when I see two towers, I walk....”

    Mayor Gaynor
    August 9

    August 8

    ..."Cross at the green, not in between..." New York has its first jay walking law with 479 summonses issued ($2) this inaugural day in 1958...

    August 9

    ... Mayor William Jay Gaynor is in critical condition after being shot in the neck at pointblank range this day in 1913. Although he appears to recover, Gaynor dies six days later from complications related to the shooting. The mayor's assailant is James J. Gallagher, a disgruntled former city employee ...

    August 10

    ...Serial killer Son of Sam is captured this day in 1977 after being linked to the scene of his last slaying through a parking ticket issued to him near a crime scene. David Berkowitz is responsible for terrorizing the entire city throughout the "Summer of Sam" with his first words upon arrest reported to be, "You got me. What took you so long?..."

    August 11

    ...with little assistance from Washington DC to help fund the monumental pedestal for the newly arrived Statue of Liberty, citizens of New York are asked to contribute out of pocket to the cause by New York World owner Joseph Pulitzer. Two months later, he reaches the requisite $100,000 goal this day in 1885 so that work may commence...

    August 12

    ... future owner of a Fifth Avenue mansion and soon-to-be millionaire, New Yorker Isaac Singer receives his sewing-machine patent, number 8294, this day in 1851 ...

    August 13
    ... the street remains, but the convent that gave Convent Avenue its name burns to the ground this day in 1888. The Convent of the Sacred Heart stood between 126th Street and 135th Street between 10th and St. Nicholas Avenues...

    August 14

    ...legendary director D.W. Griffith gets his start this day when his first film, The Adventures of Dollie premieres in New York in 1908 amid much success. His studio immediately awards him a one-year contract and a whopping $500 a month salary...

    Forgotten New York - Borden Milk Factory
    August 19

    Borden's Milk Factory,
    Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn.

    August 15

    ...the 164-year-old Brooklyn Navy Yard launches its last ship, the Duluth, this day in 1965...

    August 16

    ...53-year-old baseball legend Babe Ruth dies in New York City this day in 1948. His body lays in state for two days at the entrance to Yankee Stadium, with thousands of fans coming to pay respects at the "House That Ruth Built"...

    August 17

    ...the whole town is buzzing about the kidnapping of Sam Bronfman (son of the Seagram liquor heir, Edgar Bronfman) when it is revealed that Sam's kidnapper is his homosexual lover, apparently involved in the plot to extort millions from Papa Bronfman this day in 1975 ...

    August 18

    ...a record 6,654 participants show up to tap at Macy's Tap-o-mania on 34th Street and Broadway this day in 1996...

    August 19

    ....a patent is granted to Gail Borden, Jr., of Brooklyn, NY for condensed milk this day in 1856. The Eagle Brand is later introduced to combat food poisoning and other illnesses related to lack of refrigeration and preservation techniques, later leading to the Borden tagline, "If it's Borden, it's got to be good!...

    Brooklyn Dodger Tommy Brown
    August 20

    August 20

    ...Brooklyn Dodger, 17-year-old Tommy Brown, becomes the youngest player to hit a home run in a major-league ball game this day at Ebbets Field in 1945. Eight days later, Brown will be the youngest to steal home ...

    August 21

    ...this day in 1903, a mud-covered Model F Packard automobile arrives in New York completing a cross-country trip from San Francisco. It is driven by "Tommy" Fetch from the Packard Motor Car works, who averages about 80 miles a day during the journey in which he replaces three tires and a broken front spring...

    August 22

    ...New Amsterdam has its first Jewish refugee when Jacob bar Simson arrives from Amsterdam aboard the ship the Pear Tree this day in 1654. The journey to the New World takes more than six weeks at the going fare of 36 guilders (about $14)....

    August 23

    ... the news of the death of movie heartthrobRudolph Valentino plunges thousands of New York female fans into mourning today in 1926. The silver screen's first male sex symbol draws thousands of fans to his wake at the Frank E. Campbell funeral home, plus thousands more to his funeral at Saint Malachy's Roman Catholic Church on West 49th Street ...

    August 24

    ...Louis ‘Lepke’ Buchalter, the leader of Murder, Inc, gives himself up to New York columnist Walter Winchell this day in 1939, whereupon Winchell turns the mobster over to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover ...

    August 25

    ... pilot Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly solo nonstop coast to coast when she lands at Newark Airport on a flight from Los Angeles this day in 1932. In the process, she also sets women's nonstop transcontinental speed record (flying 2,447.8 miles in 19 hours, 5 minutes)...

    August 26

    ...the world's first televised baseball game is broadcast from Ebbet's Field in Brooklyn this day in 1939. As a special promotion, a player who hits a long fly ball that bounces off the Abe Stark sign will earn a free suit at Mr. Stark's clothing store at 1514 Pitkin Avenue ...

    August 27

    ...the Battle of Long Island (aka The Battle of Brooklyn) is the first battle an army of the United States ever engaged in this day in 1776. The American army is routed by the British at Brooklyn Heights, but in a surprise move Washington and his men evacuate across the East River to Manhattan under cover of thick fog to avoid capture ...

    Washington evacuating Brooklyn Heights to Manhattan, Battle of Long Island
    August 27

    Washington hightails it
    to Manhattan, 1776.

    August 28

    ...on this day in 1922, radio station WEAF in New York airs the first radio commercial sponsored by Queensboro Realty at a cost $100 dollars for 10 minutes ...

    August 29

    ...as legend has it, chop suey is born this day in New York when it is concocted by Chinese ambassador Li Hung Chang's cooks at a dinner this night in 1896 ...

    August 30

    .."at Fort Amsterdam...in the presence of the whole community" a peace treaty is signed with Indians representing the Tappens, Nayeck and other local tribes this day in 1645 ....

    August 31

    ... police arrest some 1200 people who are planning to peacefully march to Madison Square Garden to protest the Republican National Convention and the policies of George W. Bush this day in 2004...

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